Greater Bay Technology

Founded in September 2020, Greater Bay Technology (Guangzhou Greater Bay Technology Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as GBT) is the first private-held high-tech private enterprise with mixed-ownership, internally incubated by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd (GAC). It is jointly funded by GAC Group, GAC Capital and a partnership firm set by former Advanced Technology Team from GAC R&D Center and relevant third parties. GBT focuses on R&D, production, and services of eXtreme FastCharging (XFC) battery, a new generation of breakthrough energy storage and its system. It commits to becoming a first-class innovative company with customer satisfaction, employee’s trust and social praise and to sustainably creating environmentally-friendly high-tech products, services and values for the better life of people.

GAC’s EV model AION V-Plus powered by GBT’s XFC battery pack set the world record of the “fastest electric vehicle charging technology”. After AION V Plus with GBT’s 15-Min(0~80% charing in 15 minutes) battery had gone on sale in September 2021, GAC’s AION V Plus 70 powered by GBT’s 7-Min(0~80% charing in 7.5 minutes) battery was launched into market in 26 August, 2022.

GBT is also active in building up its capacity in battery cells and battery pack. The first phase of the newly built headquarters and production base in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, was completed and put into operation at the end of October 2023. As the world's first specialized factory for eXtreme Fast Charing power batteries, the total production capacity of this base will be 8GWh/year after its full completion, and it has already been put into operation for 4Gwh at the present time.

Working together with eHANG to explore eVTOL (passenger-carrying pilotless aerial vehicle) market, developing XFC batteries that meet the CAAC airworthiness and 4H standards.
GBT received the certification of "No. 1 in market shipments of 3C and above batteries in 2023" issued by the China Industrial Association of Power Sources.
DFCV truck and SHACMAN truck with GBT XFC batteries launched.
Our Production Base, the World's first ever specialized factory for XFC batteries went into operation.
Skyworth EV6 and Hycan V09 EV models with GBT XFC batteries launched.
GBT’s Phoenix battery technology released.
AION V plus EV with our 7.5-min XFC battery was launched.
GBT initiated the “EV Industry’s XFC Ecological Consortium”.
Broke ground on our Production Base and HQ in Nansha, Guangzhou.
A-round funding completed.
GBT’s battery pack assembly-line started production.
GBT won the title of “2021 Guangzhou Future Unicorn Innovative Enterprise” issued by Guangzhou Association for Science and Technology Innovative Enterprise.
GAC’s AION V-Plus EV with GBT’s 15-min XFC battery launched.
Set the world record for "fastest electric vehicle charging technology" certified by WRCA.
Pre-A round funding completed.
Greater Bay Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.
The functional test of GBT's XFC Battery prototype was completed.
GAC R&D set up an advanced energy storage material research team to strategically layout the research and development of electric vehicle energy storages and their systems.

To be a first-class innovative company with customers'  satisfaction, employee’s trust and social praises, sustainably  creating ecofriendly high-tech products, services and values  for the beautiful life of people.


Create breakthrough energy storage technology and promote  the development of new energy industry.


Innovation & Practicability  

Competence & Rigor


Individual Initiatives  

Communication & Tolerance

professionalism & Integrity

Core Value Leadership Team
Prof. Huang Xiangdong


Dr. PEI Feng


Prof. MAO Wenfeng

Chief Scientist

Prof. Huang Xiangdong
  • Fellow & Supervisor, China SAE; Prof. & Doctoral supervisor, South  China University of Technology (SCUT); ex VP and Chief Engineer,  GAC Group; Founder and the first Dean, GAC R&D Center; Expert  enjoying special allowance of The State Council;

  • Built up the R&D teams & led the R&D activities for GAC own-  brand vehicles/EVs; Led numbers of national/regional level major  sci-tech projects in automotive related fields;

  • Published 100+ sci-tech papers and owned ~90 patents; won a  number of sci-tech prizes/awards at national/regional level.

Dr. PEI Feng
  • PhD at SCUT , exDirector of Advanced  Technology Department and NEV Department at GAC R&D Center.

  • Led EV, ECU development Projects at GAC  R&D Center.

  • Won the second prize of China Automobile  Industry Science and Technology Award, and  participated in numbers of national, provincial  and municipal science and technology projects.

Prof. MAO Wenfeng
Chief Scientist
  • PhD at Tianjin University/Berkeley  National Lab, Post-Doc at SCUT.

  • Led the Graphene & Advanced Material Technology Team at Advanced Technology Department of GAC R&D Center.

Ranked on the Forbes China 2022 New Unicorn List
Ranked on the Hurun Global Unicorn List
2023 Deloitte China High Tech Rising Star Award
Awarded 2023 Guangdong specialized and sophisticated enterprises of Small and medium-sized
Awarded "National High-Tech Enterprise" List.
Awarded as one of the "2023 Guangzhou Unicorn Innovative Enterprises" List.
20223 GG-LED Golden Globe Award - Technology of the Year
GBT's XFC battery technology was awarded Top 100 China Automotive New Supply Chain Companies in the selection of the 4th Gasgoo Award
2022 Top 50 New Energy Technology in the 2022 EqualOcean Summit for Globalization
Venture50 "2022 China's Top 50 Most Valuable Enterprises" List
As the finalist fornew energy and new energy vehicle industry startup group in the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Region)
As the finalist for new energy and new energy vehicle industry startup group in the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Guangzhou Region)
2021 Guangzhou Unicorn Innovative Company