eXtreme Fast Charging Station

600kW charger

The speed at which charging reaches the world record of WRCA's "fastest electric vehicle charging technology"

GBT's eXtreme Fast charger has a maximum output power of 600KW, supports a maximum voltage of 1000V, and a current of 600A. The fast charger supports a maximum voltage of 1000V and a current of 250A. GBT's eXtreme Fast Charging equipment paired with GBT's high-speed battery for 3C battery vehicles (GAC Aion VPlus Supercharge Edition) charging, SOC values can be charged from 30% to 80% in just 10 minutes; The 6C battery vehicle (GAC Aion VPlus XFC Edition) only takes 5 minutes to reach the world record speed of WRCA's "fastest electric vehicle charging technology"
eXtreme Fast charging and Fast Charging, All Compatible

All electric vehicles that meet national standards can be charged using GBT's eXtreme Fast Charging station. GBT's flexible charging technology can concentrate and intelligently allocate charging power, dynamically allocating charging power according to vehicle charging needs. Paired with GBT's lightweight gun wire processing and silent charging processing, it provides users with a better charging experience.

Currently, models that support eXtreme fast charging include the Aion V Plus, Skyworth EV6, Hycan V09, Tesla, Avita 11, Xiaopeng G9, Geely Krypton 001,Geely Krypton 007,Geely Fox Alpha S HI, and Porsche Taycan.

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GBT's eXtreme Fast Charging Ecological Construction

Say goodbye to parking lot style charging and enter the era of refueling style eXtreme Fast Charging

Charge and Leave Immediately

Charging can be completed in 5-8 minutes

"Gas station-like" mode

Small Scale Flexible Allocation

High charging efficiency, corresponding reduction in construction scale

Reduce site constraints

Focus on Consumer

Target audience targeting C-end users

Broader service coverage

Getting Closer to Residential Users

Layout residential communities, commercial centers, etc

Facilitate closed-loop services for business formats

Starting from 2021, GBT's has collaborated with leading enterprises such as Tianshu Energy, SEETIC, Ping An International Financial Leasing, and TELD to carry out the construction of a "billion station" charging ecosystem, and promoted the construction of the national XFC supercharging network through self construction and self operation, as well as promoting ecological cooperation. In 2022, the GBT's eXtreme Fast Charging station has been built in the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hainan Free Trade Zone,western Guangdong, Sichuan and Chongqing regions, and plans to build 4000 eXtreme Fast Charging stations in 150 cities across the country by 2025. The picture of eXtreme Fast Charging that makes charging as fast as refueling is being revealed.

In April 2022, GBT's together with partners such as GAC Aion and Southern Power Grid, jointly launched the "Super Charging City" plan in Guangzhou under the witness of Guangzhou Industry and Information Bureau, focusing on the commercial application of XFC charging technology. We plan to build 1000 XFC stations by 2025, achieving a 1.5KM radius coverage and focusing on building a 3-minute travel charging circle in Guangzhou.

Corporate Partner
eXtreme Fast Charging Ecology - Overview of National and Major Cities
  • By 2022 key city centers such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen will have basically completed the coverage of eXtreme fast charging networks within a range of 4-5 kilometers
  • The construction of XFC stations is mainly concentrated in the Greater Bay Area;Hainan Province;and central cities in various regions
  • As of 2023 the XFC station has covered 50 cities nationwide with 300 XFC stations built and an estimated 1000 by 2024
  • Guangzhou

    85 XFC stations  online platform and 63 XFC stations under construction

    Plan to reach 330 XFC stations by 2024


    37 XFC stations  online platform and 28 XFC stations under construction

    Plan to reach 150 XFC stations by 2024


    40 XFC stations online platform and 30 XFC stations under construction

    Plan to reach 100 XFC stations by 2024


    9 XFC stations online platform and 6 XFC stations under construction

    Plan to reach 30 XFC stations by 2024

    Building ecological network of eXtreme Fast Chargers together with GBT

    Various forms of cooperation, such as investment promotion and franchise, single-station cooperation, fleet resource cooperation, etc., and integrates resources around the world together with GBT to explore and develop the local market and realize a win-win situation.