Alliance Purpose

Promote the industrial application of ultra-fast charging technology in the electric vehicle industry, build a safe and efficient ultra-fast charging ecology for electric vehicles, and help China's new energy vehicle industry maintain a strong international competitiveness through the transformation and upgrading of the charging infrastructure industry.

Establishment of the Alliance

The alliance aims to promote the establishment of industry norms and industry standards, cultivate industrial ecology, and promote governments at all levels to formulate policies to promote the application of ultra-fast charging technology and develop ultra-fast charging ecological networks.

Main work of Alliance
The central goal of the alliance is to promote the establishment of industry norms and industry standards, cultivate industrial ecology, and promote governments at all levels to formulate policies to promote the application of ultra-fast charging technology and develop ultra-fast charging ecological networks.
  • Build a platform for technology exchange and product promotion

    Joint power battery, electric vehicle and charging facilities related enterprises and institutions, to build a fast charging technology exchange and promotion platform, create the market, share resources, and common development.

  • Promote the development of eXtreme fast charging industry standards

    Organize and promote the collaborative research of ultra fast charging technology, product operation, test verification, and standard landing, and promote the formulation of relevant industry standards and group standards.

  • Open up the full industrial chain of charging products

    Open up the entire industrial chain of the application of ultra fast charging products, and strengthen the cooperation and win-win situation of enterprises in the ultra fast charging ecosystem in the aspects of system design and development, interconnecti

  • Promote the construction of ultra-fast charging network

    Promote the integration of the ultra-fast charging industry, the financial industry and the service industry, and support the rapid layout and construction of the ultra-fast charging network.

  • Assisting local governments in formulating development policies

    Assist local governments to introduce land use, electricity consumption, awards and regulatory policies related to ultra fast charging infrastructure to create a favorable policy environment for the construction of ultra fast charging network.

  • Organization Chart of EV Industry eXtreme Fast Charging Union
    Conference of all Members
    Board of Directors
    General Office
    Information and Technology Center
    Standardization Center
    Investment and Financing Center
    Industry Development Center
    Conference of all Members
  • The highest authority in the league
  • It is composed of representatives of all member units
  • Board of Directors
  • The executive body of the General Assembly
  • Lead the daily work of the Alliance between sessions
  • Shall be elected by the General Assembly and shall be responsible to the General Assembly
  • Secretariat
  • Daily office of the alliance
  • To implement general Assembly and Council resolutions
  • The Secretary-General is elected by the Council and presides over the overall work of the Secretariat
  • General Office
  • Responsible for the daily affairs of the secretariat and internal and external communication
  • Member liaison and services
  • Membership development
  • External publicity and public relations
  • Organize and plan various activities
  • Alliance and secretariat operations
  • Information and Technology Center
  • Promote speed charging technology and industry specifications
  • Establish a logo management system and promote product compliance testing
  • Technology exchange at home and abroad
  • Top speed charging test and identification management platform construction
  • Standardization Center
  • To carry out the research, formulation and promotion of the maximum speed charging standard
  • Research and formulation of maximum speed charging standard
  • Training and promotion of relevant standards
  • Exchange and collaboration of charging standards at home and abroad
  • Investment and Financing Center
  • Guide and encourage more social capital to support the development of the supercharging industry through innovative financial services
  • connect and serve the financial institutions and investors of the supercharging industry
  • Help investment institutions and industrial chain enterprises to establish cooperative relations
  • Industry Development Center
  • By linking policy, industry and government resources, promote and assist the incubation, landing and healthy development of the ultra-fast charging industry
  • Docking with government and related investment activities
  • Organize government-enterprise exchange activities
  • Build an industrial ecology of collaborative innovation between government, industry, university and research
  • Leadership of the Alliance Council
    Dong Yang
    Honorary Chairman
    Xu Yanhua
    President of Council
    Wang Fang
    President of Council
    Huang Xiang dong
    Executive Vice President
    Peng Wenke
    Secretary General
    Fan Bin
    Deputy Secretary General
    Ma Xiaoli
    Deputy Secretary General
    Li Jian
    Deputy Secretary General
    Alliance Members

    Automobile enterprise

    Battery enterprise

    Financial institution

    Equipment manufacturer

    Research Institutions & Universities & Media


    The others

  • FAW Car Co., Ltd.
  • Chongqing Changan New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
  • GAC Aion New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Electric VEHICLE Co., Ltd.
  • BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Great Wall Motor Company Limited
  • Wuhu Chery Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
  • NIO Inc.
  • Seres Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Wuhan Lutes Technology Co., Ltd
  • Xiaomi EV Limited
  • SAR Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jidu Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • HYCAN Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Skywell Automobile Co., Ltd.
  • Breton Company Limited
  • Human Horizons
  • WM Motor
  • Eezi-Tech
  • GRSD
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