Extreme fast charging technology

Unique material system

· Graphite anode orientation control and liquid phase coating technology

· Multi-dimensional composite conductive network construction

· Electronic transmission overspeed channels significantly reduce cell impedance

· A multifunctional ionic superconducting electrolyte system was constructed

· Effective inhibition of cathode lithium precipitation,the performance of the system is improved by more than 3 times compared with that of conventional graphite

Battery thermal-electrical management integration technology

· Three-dimensional thermal management system

· Multi-effect and one bullet magazine structure design

· Early warning of thermal runaway

· Electrical safety management for extremely fast charging

· Structure with buffer, fire-proof, impact-resistant and penetration-resistant functions

Low tortuosity pole technology

To develop and put into production products and process equipment for low tortuosity pole slice and its preparation process, make Giant Bay ultra-fast/ultra-fast rechargeable battery achieve and exceed our country“New energy vehicle technology roadmap” corresponding technical and economic goals in 2035

Innovative Research and development of new energy storage devices

We will promote R&D in science and technology innovation, consolidate our position as the ultra-fast charging leader, and develop new driving forces

High-specific-energy sodium batteries

High-specific-energy sodium batteries

· A stable artificial SEI membrane with high ionic conductivity was used

· A variety of new technologies, such as local high-concentration multifunctional electrolytes, are used

· A stable and efficient electrode/electrolyte interface is constructed

· Efficient and reversible sodium ion implant/disengage

All Solid State Battery

All Solid State Battery

· Develop solid-state electrolytes with ionic conductivity comparable to conventional electrolytes

· Preparation of micron-scale electrolyte films

· High safety can work well under harsh conditions such as puncture, cutting and local burning

CMB energy storage device

CMB energy storage device

· Self-developed advanced superion giant dielectric materials

· The“Rocking chair” energy storage mechanism and system of traditional lithium/sodium ion battery is overturned

· Efficient implementation of carrier-mediated accelerated transmission

· Energy density, power density, service life and security are better than the current system

· Expand the system design space of new energy storage devices

Multi-field exploration and electronic control product development

Sequence development of electronic controlled products

· Improve the development of electronic control and big data platform, 4G/5G communication intelligent platform base

· We will build a battery life-cycle security management algorithm based on the big data platform

Multi-field exploration

· The development and exploration of container energy storage system

· The development and application of low-altitude economic power supply

· Applications of quantum technology and artificial intelligence in energy storage materials and devices development, battery management, etc

· Research and development of advanced new materials, FCE Materials, SICD three-dimensional/low-dimensional materials, etc