Unique new conductive material and systematic engineering design, the cell uses high-rate modified positive and negative electrode materials and high-conductivity electrolyte to build an efficient three-dimensional conductive network inside the electrode, improving the dynamic performance of lithium ion embedding and removal. With a high voltage platform up to 900V, the maximum charging speed of the battery is more than 6 times that of ordinary batteries. The maximum charging power is 480kw, which can charge 0-80% in 7.5 minutes, truly realizing the new charging experience of "making charging as fast as refueling".

At present, it has formed three series of products: eXtremely-fast, Super-fast and General fast.

eXtremely fast series: fast charging time 5~10 minutes, specific energy≥200 Wh/kg.

Super-fast series: fast charging time 10~15 minutes, specific energy≥200 Wh/kg.

General fast series: fast charging time ≥15 minutes or specific energy<200 Wh/kg.

Product Type

7min/10min/12min/15min and other XFC series

Size Specification

313/370/570 series compatible 6~14mm thickness

Three Systems

High Voltage+Gr
High Ni+Gr

TOP 6 Advantages

eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC)

0-80%SOC charging time for only 7.5 minutes

Fast Charge Long Range

7.5-minute charge 

adds 400-500 km of range

High security

· Double liquid cooling system. 

·  Safe, explosion-proof and non-leakage. 

·  Low internal resistance. 

Take the lead in large-scale mass production

Lead the world

Mass-produced eXtreme Fast Charing battery

Obtained orders from a number of automobile companies

Customized product

Diversified product solution. 

5-15 minutes available. 

A series of products that charge 0-80% electricity.

Long service life

Ultra-fast charge cycle more than 2000 times. 

The mileage life is nearly one million kilometers.

eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC)
Fast Charge Long Range
High security
Take the lead in large-scale mass production
Customized product
Long service life

GBT XFC Battery·Cell

GBT XFC Battery·Cell


eXtreme fast
Super Fast
Normal Fast



Product Parameter

*Cell size can be customized according to requirements
  • Rated Capacity
  • Nominal Voltage
  • Operating Voltage
  • Operating temperature
  • Specific Energy
  • Charging Time(△80%)
  • Structure
  • 17~58Ah@1C
  • 3.72V
  • 2.8 ~ 4.4V
  • -30℃ ~ 58℃
  • ≥240Wh/kg
  • 7.5min
  • pouch/aluminum shell
  • GBT XFC Battery·Module

    GBT XFC Battery·Module

    GBT XFC Battery·Module


    Laminated cell large module products, with excellent power performance

    High energy density module design, suitable for various application scenarios

    Excellent fast charging performance, 20%-80%SOC charging time of 6 minutes

    Standardized size for direct use on the PACK platform

    Product Cases


    Product Parameter

  • Cell Grouping
  • Module Capacity
  • Nominal Voltage
  • Total Energy
  • Dimension
  • Charging Time(△80%)
  • Weight
  • 2P50S
  • 68.6Ah
  • 186V
  • 12.75kWh
  • 904*336*111mm
  • 12 Min
  • 65.26kg
  • GBT XFC Battery·Pack

    GBT XFC Battery·Pack

    GBT XFC Battery·Pack


    Design scheme

    Heat dissipation design

    Top charge

    High voltage platform

    High rate platform design 7Min/15Min platform design

    The efficient double-layer liquid cooling design always ensures that the cell operates in a safe temperature range

    GBT‘S 7Min battery technology enables 0-80% charging in just 7.5 minutes

    Maximum voltage 900V Maximum charging current 558A Peak charging power up to 480kW

    Product Cases

    P-Commercial Vehicle

    Product Parameter

  • Total Enery(1C)
  • Charging Time(△80%)
  • Nominal Voltage
  • Cell Grouping
  • Max Charging Current
  • Weight
  • Energy Density
  • Dimension
  • 32.05kWh
  • ≤18min
  • 148.4V
  • 4P40S
  • 600A
  • 237kg
  • 140Wh/kg
  • 1060*640*280mm
  • XFC Cell/Battery Pack Application Cases

    Charging Speed

    Models equipped with GBT's 12min/7.5min battery
    The charging time is significantly shorter than other vehicle models

    Stable High Power

    GBT's XFC high-speed battery achieves maximum charging power in the shortest possible time and continuously stabilizes high power output, achieving full range ultra fast charging

    High Adaptability

    GBT's XFC high-speed battery only requires charging station power to meet the universal technology of 0-80% full range high-speed charging

    Scope of Applications




    Passenger Vehicles

    Commercial Vehicles

    Other electrical mobility

    Military and Machinery

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    XFC Battery Brochure (English version)