GD high-quality development丨GZ XFC technology: 7.5 min for 80% NEVs battery capacity


"High-quality development, as I understand, covers sustainable technological innovation capabilities, efficient energy utilization to enhance the quality of life, and a commitment to green development with a global perspective to achieve industrial upgrading," said Mia Zhang, Operations Director of Greater Bay Technology (GBT), a three-year-old battery producer backed by GAC Group.

Based in Guangzhou, the company launched the world's first plant dedicated to power batteries capable of extreme fast charging, or XFC, in October 2023.

The US Department of Energy proposed the idea in 2018 of extreme fast charging, referring to technology that enables batteries to be charged from 0 to 80 percent within 10 minutes to extend the vehicles' mileage by 320 km.

According to Zhang, GBT's products reached the 7.5-minute level already in 2022, three years ahead of the goal of the US Department of Energy. The new plant, with an annual production capacity of 4 GWh that can be doubled if necessary, marks a new milestone in Greater Bay Technology's development.

"As a member of the new energy vehicle industry, to jointly propel high-quality development, we need to focus on domestic and international market demands, continuously promote technological innovation, and adhere to sustainable development," said Zhang.

In 2023, the output of new energy vehicles in China reached 9.587 million units, ranking first in the world. And more than a quarter of these were produced in Guangdong.

The automobile industry is one of the strategic pillar industrial clusters in Guangdong Province, with an output value of over one trillion yuan. According to the Action Plan for Clusters of Automobiles in Guangdong from 2023-2025, Guangdong will accelerate the research and development of key materials for power batteries and charging facilities, and improve the technological innovation ability of automobile enterprises.


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